Centre For Wellness Potential Thru Movement




Due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control, this clinic is now permanantly closed.


We highly recommend Dr Tori Wright of Vivid Health Hornsby for your continued care.  We are meeting/in contact with Dr Tori regularly, to ensure all patients are given the highest standard of care & she has set up an emergency care package for all patients from AMC.  Please call her centre for details 9476 6888 or go to vividchiro.com.au.


For patients under the co-care of Dr Helen Zongas will have their programs consulted on by Dr Cheryl until they are complete.


For all other patient files, we will keep our email address ardill.massage.chiropractic@bigpond.com for practitioner access to files subject to patient consent.


To all the patients we were unable to contact, we are sincerely sorry that we were unable to speak to you personally.  We have loved & served your comminuty for 22 years. In this time, we have looked after & genuinely cared for over 3500 patients.  


Please know, that it was not our intent to leave you like this, but we simply didn't have time to get to you all individually. Know that each & every one of you are in our thoughts.  

We thank you for looking after our beautiful centre, supporting a local small business with your faith & trust.  We have been priveleged to look after you, your children & grandchildren, your parents, grandparents, your friends & loved ones.  The pleasure has completely been ours to share a page in your story.



Yours in health & happiness

Dr Cheryl & David, Nerys, Emily & Emma




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